How to Make Your Own Screen Shirts and Onesies!

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Here is what you will need to start! (I forgot to show my paper towel or cardboard. Sorry!)

Print out a quote or image that you would like to transfer to your shirt or onesie.

Cut a piece of freezer paper (NOT wax paper, I made this mistake once and wasted a lot of time.) Make sure that the shiny side of the paper is face down to the table. We want the matte side face up.

Tape your freezer paper to the quote or image you chose. Make sure that you do this over the cutting board.remember that we want the shiny side down.

Begin to cut out your letters or shapes with the exacto knife very carefully.

Keep the insides of the shapes and letters ( like the middle of the "o" "d" or "e") these need to be ironed on later since they are loose pieces.

Here is what my stencil looks like when it's all cut out. You can see that I am missing the middle pieces of some letters but those are set aside to iron on.

Place the shiny side of the stencil on the fabric and iron the stencil down for 10-15 seconds. Make sure the inside pieces get ironed on.

Here is my stencil ironed onto my onesie.

Place a piece of cardboard or paper towel inside the onesie or shirt so paint won't leak through.

Paint your acrylic paint inside the stencil openings. Wait for the paint to dry completely! I know it's hard to be patient but we don't want to mess up all our hard work!

When the paint is completely dry, very carefully pull the freezer paper away from the fabric.

I added some extra paint to dress mine up but now we are done! Enjoy!

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