How to Make Your Own Exfoliating Soap (With a Twist)!

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Place the Ivory soap on top of the paper in the microwave. Set the timer for 2 minutes!

After about 15 seconds the soap should start to grow! Stop the microwave when it looks like this!

This is optional but I like to squash the soap back together and start the microwave again for about another 25 seconds.

Once the soap is done put it into the bowl and break it up with your fingers or a spoon.... Be careful it could be HOT!

Use the warm water and pour in little bits at a time. Mix with a spoon!

This is what it should look like.... Not to watery, but not to dry. This is after about 3 tablespoons of warm water that I poured in.

Now its time to add your baking soda! (this is for the exfoliation part) add about 3 tablespoons and mix with a spoon!

Use your fingers to fill the cookie cutter with the soap mixture.... I used this heart shaped one! :)

Then carefully push out the soap.... If it breaks apart don't worry you can put it back together!

And there you go! A perfect gift for anyone! :) Thanks and I hope you enjoy! :)

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