How to make a paracord handle wrap

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In this project, I'm creating a paracord wrap for my hiking stick. I will use a clove hitch knot to start the wrap. The wrap consists of a series of hitches that form a decorative spiral pattern.

Start the wrap by tying a clove hitch knot.

Continue with the clove hitch knot

Completing the clove hitch knot

Cinch the clove hitch knot tight on the hiking stick.

Next, take the paracord and wrap it around the back of the stick and through the loop just created.

Continue doing the previous step over and over until you reach the desired length of your wrap. You can see the spiral pattern forming in the wrap.

You can finish the wrap a couple of ways. In this picture, I trimmed the paracord on both ends of the wrap and singed them.

A second way to finish the wrap is to leave about 6 inches of paracord loose on each end of the wrap. Take the loose ends and tie them together. Now you have a convenient loop for your wrist.

Watch the video: How to wrap a backpack handle with paracord tutorial Cobra stitch


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