How to pan bagnat-a sandwich from the south of france🇫🇷

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Pronounced ban banya. & translates bathed bread. A Niçoise salad put in a rustic round bread & left hrs so flavors develop & mingle. Just magic➡️

The story of this sandwich is that a person wanted to go fishing decided to transport his Niçoise salad and he did that in a sandwich. By lunch time this was transformed into a delicious meal

You can choose a traditional round rustic bread.. Otherwise a French baguette is as good if not better for cutting and easier for eating

The olive oil is very important. The sandwich is 'bathed in olive oil' and that is how it gets its name.

I have photographed a can of tuna in brine but it is much better to use tuna in olive oil. If you don't like anchovies, just leave them out & if you don't have olive paste 'tapenade' just use olives

Cut the bread cross wise like above. To make a basket

Empty the inside as much as you wish.

Drizzle olive oil on the bread.. 1he base and the cover

Baste with the olive paste

Garlic. Optional. Just rub a Clive of garlic on the 2 sides of the bread basket

Start layering. Salad leaves





Anchovies if using

Annther layer of tuna

Bail leaves

Tomatoe slices

Finish with salad leaves

Cover with the top part of the bread basket

This is a variation using the classical French baguette.

Wrap with a cling film as tight as you can. Few hours later slice the sandwiches. And serve

Few hours later slice the sandwiches. And serve

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