How to make caramel crisp cornflake

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Lay everything out in order. Read thru the instructions before starting to cook. Here i put the maple syrup in the same bowl as my butter. Water salt and sugar are all in 1 bowl as well.

Set your candy thermometer to 160c. Be very careful with the caramel. It can cause serious injury.

Put the sugar in a wok Set the thermometer in place and put on medium heat.

Beep!! Here we are at 160c be very careful at this heat, one string of hot caramel can tear your flesh and cause serious injury.

Turn off the heat. Add the butter and maple syrup, give it a stir.

Put back on medium heat until boiling bubbles come up.

Add cornflakes and quickly toss with two heat proof spatulas. (Be quick!) when it's evenly coated add nuts and fruits. Toss!

Turn off the heat keep tossing to cool it down

Scatter them on a tray to cool down completely before keeping in the an airtight container.

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