How to poach eggs, without making the eggs watery

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Fill your pot up with water

Place on stove and turn on high to boil the water

Get your eggs, cling wrap and cup

Rip off a square of wrap

Place the wrap in the cup.

Crack the egg into the wrap

Place cracked egg and yoke inside the wrap

Fold all corners up and remove from cup

Fold any flaps in, and then twist to create a water tight seal

If you like, put 2 eggs in to save the wrap.

Place in boiling water

Allow to boil for 4 - 6 minutes depending on how you like your eggs, the size of eggs, or quantity inside the wrap

Pull out of boiling water using, tongs, spoon or hands if your are daring. It will be hot.

Dry the wrap so no water is on it.

Unwrap the egg carefully. If you think your eggs are not cooked enough. Then place back in boiling water. If your wrap is not sticking together wrap some more wrap around so it's water tight.

Unwrapped. Egg. If its hard to get the egg out, next time pre grease the inside of the wrap. Or cook eggs for longer

The perfect runny gooey egg. If you don't like as runny, cook for longer. This egg took 4 minutes to cook.

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