How to make a mini donut tray

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First you'll need a round cardboard box to turn into you're plate. I'm using this empty Laughing Cow box.

Then cut out a circle of light brown paper the size of the bottom of the box, and glue it down.

Add a darker brown circle to the middle, to act as the donut hole.

Then cut out a circle a bit smaller than the bottom for the frosting.

Cut the edges of the circle so that they are curvy and wavy, like the frosting on a donut would be, and add a hole in the center.

Glue the frosting into the box, and add paper sprinkles or other decorations!

Repeat on the outside, using whatever color you'd like.

If you like, you can cover the tray with Mod Podge to seal in the design.

And that's it! Now you have a cute, colorful, and totally DIYed donut catch-all.

Watch the video: I Tried Betty Crockers Mini Donut Maker Tasty

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