How to draw momo in avatar 😻

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The things you need is: a paper, a pencil, a rubber, a pencil you can fill in the lines with and color pencils. I use promarker.Sorry for my English in the tortorial.

First of all you sketch the face. It should look like a heart but without a tip.

Then sketch the eyes like this.

Do another "circle", but it should not be perfectly round.

Then sketch a circle in the eye. Which suppose to be a reflection from a light.

Draw the pupil.

Then another circle.

Now start to scetch the nose. Start with a line.

Then you do like this.

And the bottom of the nose.

Draw another line down to the mouth.

Then draw like this.

Anda the bottom of the mouth.

Start to scetch the teeth.

Like this.

Then the bottom teeth.

Like this.

Then you sketch the tongue.

Do a little circle in the nose.

Then you sketch the chin.

Then you start to draw the ear.

Like this.

Then draw the top of the head.

Draw a little fur.

Then you draw a line, whitch should be the top of the ear. Or something. I don't know how to explain it.

It should look like this.

Then draw some ear fur.

Like this.

Then draw two lines like this.

Draw two more lines.

Then sketch lines in the ear. Momo has two different colors in the ear.

Then start to draw the neck.

Like this. It looks very funny now...

But when you have drawn the arms it looks more normal. 😝

Then draw like this.

Now when the sketch is complete, start to fill in the lines whit a pencil like this. I don't know what i should call the pencil. But you should not be able to erase the line whit this pencil.

You sould not draw the lines in the ear or the eye. Then do like this.

Then Momo should look like this. Then fill in the nose whit the black pencil.

Like this.

Take the grey pencil and paint the circle in the nose.

Then paint the tongue whit the pink pencil.

Like this.

Fill in the gaps between the teeth.

Take the dark green and paint the eyes.

It should look like this. Now you take the light green and fill in the circle.

Erase the graphite.

Begin to paint the brown color on the face.

Like this. When the color dries and you draw on it again, it may look like that. But I think it is the paper i use.

Start to paint the ears with the brown color.

Then take the other lighter brown, or orange color and paint the ear. Then its done.

Here is another momo i have made.

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