How to make (another) sugar body scrub

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Oh no! I'm out of homemade body scrub! It's time to make some more!

First step, wash out and thoroughly dry your container. I'm reusing an old st Ives container, it's perfect and cute lol. Mason jars, tins with screw on caps, whatever you wanna use is fine.

I'm using coconut oil, white, brown and raw sugars and cinnamon. Not all coconut oils are created equal. I ran out if this one before I was done and finished with a cheaper brand.

The results aren't terrible, it's still luxurious and wonderful, but not the texture I'm used to.

Start by adding the dry stuff. There is no right or wrong here. My start point is always 1 part white sugar, 1 part brown sugar and 1/2 each parts cinnamon and raw sugar. In this case 1 part = 1 cup

Mix it together. Check the consistency. You want a lot of texture.

Thanks to another user for pointing this out: cinnamon *can* be harsh on your skin, if you have sensitive skin or add too much. If you're concerned, leave it out or lessen the amount to 1tbsp.

Add 1part coconut oil. I didn't take a picture but here's also where I added the other c.oil.

Mine was a little melted because it was hot in my house. Ideally you want a solid coconut oil.

I let it sit overnight, at room temp, to check the texture. It was too soft for me, but you may like this. If not add some more sugars.

The important thing to remember is every batch is different. This is a bit better. I added more white and a touch more brown.

I had some left over. It went into the fridge. It's hard as rock but that's okay. I might use it for cinnamon rolls... Hey its just sugar and coconut oil! Lol

The reasons I use coconut oils are: it's a solid oil at room temp, which is perfect for keeping this as dry as possible. The dryer it stays the longer it will last. Also it's not as greasy feeling

As olive or veg oil, which some people say to use, and not as expensive as almond or hazelnut oil. Plus it has a low melt point which is perfect for using it on your skin.

I use 3 kinds of sugar for texture and exfoliation. Each sugar has a different 'grit'. It leaves my skin nice and smooth. Cinnamon is a natural food preservative and smells great.

If you have sensitive skin, you might want to skip the raw sugar. It's very corse and can leave your skin looking very red. It works great for extra dry patches though.

Update: I found after some more trial and error these tips: 1) whip the oil. Trust me. 2) sift the sugars. It takes forever but it's totally worth it. 3) if adding essential oils, do it while the oil

Is whipping. 4) whipping it will cause it to triple in size!


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