How to make day of dead hat - graphic 45 'rare oddities'

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I always enjoy seeing the crafting possibilities in everyday objects......a shallow disc with a tall round tube sticking out of it.......Hey! that's a description of a top hat!

First, cut a hole in the shallow box to make brim for our hat. Then reduce the height of the tube to get the proportions required. Cut at a jaunty angle to add some extra interest.

Put the two pieces together and .... well you get the idea. The circle we cut out of the brim is also a close enough fit to form the top of the hat.

Now to join the parts together. Learn to love Gumstrip! This is a great product for this kind of jointing. Easy to use and covers a multitude of sins. Cut into small strips and wet with a moist sponge

Work around the joint, building up even tacks with small pieces of Gumstrip to hold parts in position. For best results try not to over wet the Gumstrip.

Add more strips to completely cover the joint. Leave to thoroughly dry out. As the Gumstrip dries it shrinks slightly, pulling everything snugly together.

I like to make sure any visible edges are neatly finished. The edge of the brim was to high and to thin. Add a piece of Red Liner tape and roll over the edge of the brim onto the double sided tape.

The rolled edge still needs a little shaping. Gumstrip to the rescue. Work around the edge of the brim wrapping and sealing with pieces of Gumstrip.

Again completely wrap the joint and leave to fully dry out before performing further processes

Shame to waste all that space. What if we cut off the lid and make a fancy box? Time to saw off the top with a fine blade hacksaw. Match the saw line to the top of the hat.

...and, of course, wrap the raw edges....

Let's get messy! Apply texture paste to smooth over any remaining edges. We're not after a glass flat finish but give it a quick sanding once dry. This is much easier to do before assembly.

Repeat the texture paste process on both parts of the top

Now to start the assembly. Stick the brim and hat base to each other with Gumstrip.

To cover any gaps and clean up the rough edges, repeat on the underside of the brim. This also provides additional strength.

Apply texture paste over the jointed areas and once thoroughly dry, lightly sandpaper to a smooth finish.

We need to add a lip for the lid to fit over. Due to our 'jaunty angle' this can be a complicated shape. The easiest way to solve this is to insert a piece of paper and draw round the edge.

Remove the paper and you get a template to transfer the required shape. Place on the card and offset the straight edge of the template by the height that you want the lip to protrude from the base.

Insert the card into the base to form the lip. Make sure that the lip is shallower than the depth of the lid.

Paint the hat with your chosen colour. If you intend to decorate large areas with paper then it is only necessary to paint the areas that will be left on show.

Re-use the template when covering with 'Rare Oddities' background papers to get the correct size and shape. Add additional detail with complemetary hat band and topper.

Finally add embellishments to dress the hats. Die cut skulls, feathers from my garden (coloured with ProMarkers). Paper roses and paper leaves. Metal butterfly from my stash with added glitter.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it may inspire you to try some of the techniques or products used. Thanks for looking.

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