How to make a pizza

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Step 3: Place pizza crust on pizza pan.

TIP: Placing the pizza directly on the rack in the oven, instead of using a pizza pan, will give you a crispier pizza crust!

TIP: Using the back of the spoon is the easiest. However, this can also be done with a spatula to quicken this part of the process.

Step 5: Add assorted spices (as much as desired) over the sauce.

TIP: Adding the spices is an OPTIONAL step. Using them can enhance the flavors of your pizza, though!

Step 9: After time goes off or cheese is melted (whichever happens first), use oven mitt(s) to remove from oven.

Step 10: Move pizza from the pizza pan to the cutting board.

Step 11: Using pizza cutter, cut pizza into desired number of pieces.

Step 12: Let pizza cool, then enjoy! :)

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