How to make diy homemade makeup-eyeshadow!

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For this eyeshadow, you will need: a spoon or whisk, flour, cocoa, a bowl to mix it in, a container, and **optional** scented oil or rubbing alcohol.

First wash and dry the container(s) you want to use. (I will be using some of my cowgirl dirt containers, I will use the others later for something else.). Make sure they are COMPLETELY dry. 😉

Run a sink of HOT water and use your finger or a wash rag to get the previous contents out of them and let them soak for a little bit. While you're doing that, get your ingredients ready.

See! I made a brown ombré set. First I took some of The original and put it in one container, then I added some cinnamon and more cocoa powder to the rest and mixed it and put it in the other

Container, then I added more cinnamon, nutmeg, 2 drops of water, and cocoa powder and mixed it, until it was a nice dark brown then I put it in the last container. I just spooned the rest into a

Larger container. (This one)

Before: color 1 (in order of step 6)

After. You can't really see it, so this would be more of a nude/natural color!

Color 2: before

After. It's still fairly light, (I only did one layer/coat/whatever), but you can tell it's there.

Color 3: before

After, same thing. It kind of light, but you can tell that it's there.

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