How to get two weeks more cream from an "empty" tube

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Start with any plastic tube or bottle that you think is empty, because you cannot squeeze or pump out anymore product.

Cut it in half. (The photos in this guide are not consistent because I thought to make this guide afterwards.)

Scoop out all the cream from the top or end of the tube.

Transfer the cream to the bottom half. You want the top cleaned out because that becomes the lid.

Look how much you get! And you thought you really had squeezed it dry.

Now slip the top over the bottom. At first you might need to push in to get it started, but it will slide over just fine.

You will now remove the top to access the cream. Kind of made it into a jar, but now when it is empty you know you used every last bit.

I use a Ginsu knife for the plastic pump bottles.

For pump bottles, pull out the "straw", you won't use it again. I had to do extra cutting on the bottom half of the Cereve bottle because of the shape, so the top fit over easier.

But just look at all the cream, easily a month's worth!

That is it! They do look a little squatty. Soon I will need to do the blue bottle. Because the bottom half of the bottle is larger than the top, that will become the top post operation.

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